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摘要:同学们,有没有这样的情况发生?一个句子当中每一个单词你都认识,但你看不懂这句话,这个感觉是不是十分的诡异? 托福阅读长难句因为词汇只是基础,句子才是交流最基本的单位,看阅读是看句子,句子看不懂就是啥也没懂。小编为大家列举200句及对应解析,希望帮助大家掌握理解长难句的分析方法,攻克这一难关。 1. Even the kind of sta



  1. Even the kind of stability defined as simple lack of change is not always associated with maximum diversity.

  2. Even if the new population is of a different species, it can approximately fill the niche vacated by the extinct population and keep the food web intact.

  3. Their seed heads raised just high enough above the ground to catch the wind, the plants are no bigger than they need be, their stems are hollow, and all the rigidity comes from their water content.

  4. By contrast, in the United States an estimated 97 million birds are killed each year when they collide with buildings made of plate glass, 57 million are killed on highways each year; at least 3.8 million die annually from pollution and poisoning; and millions of birds are electrocuted each year by transmission and distribution lines carrying power produced by nuclear and coal power plants.

  5. A recent Douglas biographer states:" The deer which once picturesquely dotted the meadows around the fort were gone [in 1832], hunted to extermination in order to protect the crops."

  6. Scientists first identified this impact in 1980 from the worldwide layer of sediment deposited from the dust cloud that enveloped the planet after the impact.

  7. Only a few organisms especially tolerant of very salty conditions remained.

  8. Paleontologists have argued for a long time that the demise of the dinosaurs was caused by climatic alterations associated with slow changes in the positions of continents and seas resulting from plate tectonics.

  9. The answer may be that virtually all the water on Mars is now locked in the permafrost layer under the surface, with more contained in the planet’s polar caps.

  10. But belief in this ice-free corridor began to crumble when paleoecologist Glen MacDonald demonstrated that some of the most important radiocarbon dates used to support the existence of an ice-free corridor were incorrect.

  11. Spores light enough to float on the breezes were carried thousands of miles from more ancient lands and deposited at random across the bare mountain flanks.

  12. Interestingly enough, several of these hydrodynamic adaptations resemble features designed to improve the aerodynamics of high-speed aircraft.

  13. Those queried ranged from European college students to members of the Fore, a tribe that dwells in the New Guinea highlands.


  14. Perceiving an apparent connection between certain actions performed by the group and the result it desires, the group repeats, refines and formalizes those actions into fixed ceremonies, or rituals.

  15. One, set forth by Aristotle in the fourth century B.C., sees humans as naturally imitative—as taking pleasure in imitating persons, things, and actions and in seeing such imitations.

  16. A more complicated system is, in general, more likely than a simple system to break down.

  17. The killing of birds of prey by wind turbines has pitted environmentalists who champion wildlife protection against environmentalists who promote renewable wind energy.

  18. Second, conservation has been insured by limiting times for and types of hunting.

  19. It has been suggested that these figurines were an ideal type or an expression of a desire for fertility.

  20. A third likely explanation for infantile amnesia involves incompatibilities between the ways in which infants encode information and the ways in which older children and adults retrieve it.

  21. Whether people can remember an event depends critically on the fit between the way in which they earlier encoded the information and the way in which they later attempt to retrieve it.

  22. Critics also point out that the shallow seaways had retreated from and advanced on the continents numerous times during the Mesozoic, so why did the dinosaurs survive the climatic changes associated with the earlier fluctuations but not with this one?

  23. This would have created a barrier of ice extending from the Alaska Peninsula, through the Gulf of Alaska and southward along the Northwest Coast of North America to what is today the state of Washington.

  24. Teachers, it is thought, benefit from the practice of reflection, the conscious act of thinking deeply about and carefully examining the interactions and events within their own classrooms.

  25. They describe the initial understanding in the teachers with whom they were working as being "utilitarian...and not rich or detailed enough to drive systematic reflection."

  26. Liston (1987) point out the inconsistency between the role of the teacher as a (reflective) professional decision maker and the more usual role of the teacher as a technician, putting into practice the ideas of others.

  27. Other features, however, show experts that Pakicetus is a transitional form between a group of extinct flesh-eating mammals, the mesonychids, and cetaceans.

  28. Sociobiology views much social behavior, including aggressive behavior, as genetically determined.

  29. The Democrats tended to view society as a continuing conflict between "the people”-farmers, planters, and workers-and a set of greedy aristocrats.

  30. Nor did the Whigs envision any conflict in society between farmers and workers on the one hand and businesspeople and bankers on the other.






  5、Taiju Matsuzawa 教授想找出为什么日本北部的健康农民在相对年轻的年龄就显得开始失去思考与推理的能力的原因以及怎样才能延缓老化过程。





























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